After reading my older sister's V.C. Andrews novels when I was barely a teen (when my mum found out she plied me with the classics), there was no stopping my love affair with reading. 

Fast-forward and I'm now an English teacher with a double degree in Arts and Education and 20 years of teaching experience. My love of reading has developed into a love of helping authors achieve their dreams. Qualified in professional proofreading and editing, I pride my work on my attention to detail and communication with clients. 

I fully understand you are trusting me with your hard work. At Letter-Eye Editing, my aim is always to ensure you feel absolute satisfaction. Whatever service you're interested in, contact me for a free sample edit (1,000 words). 

"I have been trusting Nicole with editing for years now and she is absolutely incredible. She is meticulous, prompt, fun, and a dream to work with. I've learned a lot working with her because she doesn't just edit your work and hand it back silently. She opens a dialogue with you, making the whole experience feel like a partnership. It's very reassuring. It's the kind of service that keeps me coming back again and again, unwilling to go to anyone but Letter-Eye." - Author Tracey Ward

"I can't say enough about my incredible editor Nicole. She was patient, thorough and paid attention to detail when editing my memoir. I appreciated that she took the time to explain her edits along with offering several suggestions. She was flexible and extremely kind with my emotional subject matter. She moved quickly and was able to finish the edits by my target date. She’s talented, professional and absolutely lovely!" - Author Andrea Perez

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! And I’m an ocean away from her! I will use Nicole for all my future projects as long as she’ll have me. Nicole has helped me turn ideas into three Amazon Kindle bestselling and award winning books. I’ve worked with her through many stages of editing and have never had anything other than a great experience. She has saved me from multiple embarrassing mistakes, works quickly, is professional, and tasteful. You won’t be disappointed." - Author C.J. English



Line Editing

Polishing the details of your story, the line edit makes sure everything reads as effortlessly as possible. This service includes detailed in-line feedback on spelling, grammar, sentence structure, dialogue punctuation, and language choice so that your words works together to help readers fall in love with the heart of your story. 

Line editing consists of two rounds of editing and follow-up questions you may have regarding my notes. 

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing works closely with you in the early stages of your writing to look at how your story is coming together to engage readers. This service looks at the structure and development of your story, timeline inconsistencies, character growth, chapter order, scene transitions, themes, reader interest and more. 

You can expect feedback throughout your manuscript and a detailed summary at the end. 


This should be done after your book has already had a full edit and you're ready to publish it. A proofreader is advantageous in providing a thorough and professional set of eyes. Regardless of how many times you read over your own writing, hidden errors are often lurking for readers to find. This service includes checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, proper word usage, subject-verb agreement, and tense. 

Beta Reading

Ready to set your project loose into the world? Why not use the services of a beta reader to give your story final and honest feedback. This service includes annotating your script with comments on character, plot, setting, and overall reader engagement. 

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